Knowledge changes behavior. CIOs Without Borders is working to reduce the incidence of preventable disease by sharing medical knowledge with technologically disenfranchised communities around the world.

Many of us routinely use publicly available knowledge – from the internet or elsewhere to inform our medical decisions. Our actions are often censored by what we know is harmful to our health (contact with toxic materials, drinking contaminated water or lifting heavy weights while pregnant). Our mission is to use technology to make medical knowledge available to communities at the other extreme, who routinely suffer from preventable (or easily curable) disease. 

Infrastructure & IT services

Not-for-profit organizations need technology services, web sites, databases etc. but often cannot afford to pay for an internal IT staff. Foundations and funding partners often peruse electronic records and web sites to inform grant decisions. CIOs Without Borders will provide free or low cost IT services to select international non-profits. We are in the process of collecting an army of volunteer IT professionals around the globe whose services we will channel and organize via online collaboration tools.