The Problem.
Twenty million gallons of Agent Orange were dropped on Vietnam during the Vietnam War. Four decades on, with many areas still contaminated, the children of Vietnamese and Americans who were exposed during or after the conflict continue to suffer extensive congenital deformities. Essential resource materials about Agent Orange exist in a multiplicity of online and offline resources, inhibiting a coordinated approach to the situation.

The Solution.
By compiling critical information about Agent Orange onto a single website in both English and Vietnamese, we can accelerate the continuing efforts of the Vietnamese, American and other Governments to determine the full scope of the tragedy and develop holistic remedies. By implementing a computerized mapping system showing the various projects dealing with disabilities generally, Agent Orange disabilities specifically, and environmental degradation we can help develop a census to facilitate a coordinated response to the effects of the chemical spraying.

The Project.
This effort will be a collaboration with the War Legacies Project and has been approved by the Government of Vietnam. 

Field work is not necessary.