CIOs Without Borders is an international not for profit organization dedicated to using technology to educate and alleviate shortages in medical knowledge around the world.

Knowledge changes behavior. CIOs Without Borders works to reduce the incidence of preventable disease by sharing medical knowledge with technologically disenfranchised communities around the world. Many of us routinely use publicly available knowledge–from the internet or elsewhere--to inform our medical decisions. Our actions are often influenced by what we know is harmful to our health (contact with toxic materials, drinking contaminated water or lifting heavy weights while pregnant).

CIOs Without Borders’ mission is to use technology to make medical knowledge available to communities in which people routinely suffer from preventable (or easily curable) diseases.

One of our current projects involves implementing an expert medical system in Rwanda, a country with one doctor for every 25,000 people. Medical care in most rural areas are non-existant - and this simple diagnostic tool operated by a high school student has the potential of saving lives and greatly improving health and productivity.

Our partners are helping us focus resources to modify this system (currently implemented in India) to work in Rwanda, build relationships with the government of Rwanda and put together the infrastructure to open 10 mobile rural healthcare clinics within the next year.

We need your help with financing this project and mobilizing committed volunteers to help make it self sustaining.